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My new Zarafa Webapp 2.0 design.

Posted by Christoph Haas on 22 03 2015. 3 Kommentare zu My new Zarafa Webapp 2.0 design.

Since I find the default Zarafa Webapp theme a bit boring/oldschool I tried to redesign it to a modern/flat design. As I like the new Office 2016 colors, I tried to stick to the Microsoft design. My work is not finished yet… and I am not really a pro at CSS, so…

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WebApp: iCal Im/Exporter, Version 2.0 released

Posted by christoph on 18 03 2013. 2 Kommentare zu WebApp: iCal Im/Exporter, Version 2.0 released

Hello everyone! Today I have released Version 2.0.1 of my Calendarimporter-Plugin.  This is mostly a bugfix release with a few new features. One of the new features is, that you can now import calendars that are attached to an mail directly! This function is available for files with the following extensions: .ics, .ifb,…

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WebApp: iCal Im/Exporter, Version 1.2 released

Posted by christoph on 30 12 2012. 0 Comments

Today I have finished my work on version 1.2 of the „calendarimporter“ plugin for Zarafa WebApp. The new version also supports more calender fields to be imported! The new fields are: Label Busy status Privacy status Priority Organizer Alarm/Reminder   Another new and very usefull feature is the support of public stores. You can now im- and export events…

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WebApp: iCal Im/Exporter

Posted by christoph on 09 12 2012. 0 Comments

Hi everyone, today I’ve released a new version of my „calenderimporter“ plugin.  The name is a little bit misleading, because I have implemented a new feature: the ical exporter.  You are now able to export every calendar completely to an ics file.  At the moment you can only export the whole calendar.…

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Zarafa Owncloud Integration

Posted by christoph on 15 11 2012. 0 Comments

My new OwnCloud attachment plugin for the Zarafa groupware’s WebApp web frontend allows files that are stored on a user’s private OwnCloud server to be attached to emails. To provide this functionality, the Zarafa server itself retrieves the file from the OwnCloud server; the files are not transferred onto the…

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