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My new Zarafa Webapp 2.0 design.

Posted by Christoph Haas on 22 03 2015. 3 Kommentare zu My new Zarafa Webapp 2.0 design.

Since I find the default Zarafa Webapp theme a bit boring/oldschool I tried to redesign it to a modern/flat design. As I like the new Office 2016 colors, I tried to stick to the Microsoft design.

My work is not finished yet… and I am not really a pro at CSS, so it might take a while until the redesign is complete. But I wanted to show you some first impressions of how it will look like:

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  1. Hi,

    i love your design of zarafa. It is possible to get the css files?

    best regards

  2. Looks realy cool. Could you please send me your files for this?

    1. Hi,

      Zarafa is about to release Webapp 2.2 – so my css files won’t work there any more.
      Also the changes aren’t only in css, I have changed some Javascript files too.

      So it might be a better idea to wait for Webapp 2.2