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WebApp: iCal Im/Exporter, Version 1.2 released

Posted by christoph on 30 12 2012. 0 Comments

Today I have finished my work on version 1.2 of the „calendarimporter“ plugin for Zarafa WebApp.

Calendarimporter with new Fields

The new version also supports more calender fields to be imported! The new fields are:

  • Label
  • Busy status
  • Privacy status
  • Priority
  • Organizer
  • Alarm/Reminder


Another new and very usefull feature is the support of public stores. You can now im- and export events to and from shared calendars.

Timezone Chooser


The timezone-management has also been improved. If the autodetection of the timezone doesn’t work properly, you can select it manually from a dropdown box.




Download the newest version from here.

The sourcecode can be downloaded from: http://svn.sprinternet.at/listing.php?repname=zarafadev




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