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WebApp: iCal Im/Exporter

Posted by christoph on 09 12 2012. 0 Comments

Hi everyone,

today I’ve released a new version of my „calenderimporter“ plugin.  The name is a little bit misleading, because I have implemented a new feature: the ical exporter.  You are now able to export every calendar completely to an ics file.



 At the moment you can only export the whole calendar. But I’m trying to integrate the same selection mechanism as in the importer, to filter the events that will be exported.
The importer can also import all events with just one click. This is very nice if you have a large iCal file and you don’t want to check each of the entries individually.
The plugin can be enabled in the settings. I have decided to seperate the im- and exporter, so that you can enable them as you need.
This plugin is currently under active development and it’s of course not perfect yet. Here are some problems/limitations of the plugin:
  • The importer only handles start date, end date, description, summary and location
  • Both, importer and exporter, do not handle recurrent events correctly
  • Attachments are not exported.
  • Sometimes there are timezone issues when importing a calendar file.


I’m trying to fix this problems as soon as possible and it would be very helpful if you can send me some feedback via email!


Plugin download: https://community.zarafa.com/pg/plugins/project/16145/developer/h44z/webapp-ical-calendar-importer




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