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WebApp: Owncloud Plugin

Posted by christoph on 02 12 2012. 0 Comments

Hello everybody,

as I saw the Dropbox plugin, I thought that something like this should be available for owncloud too.

Attachment Dialog The plugin uses the webdav server of owncloud for file operations between zarafa and owncloud. Its interface for attaching a file to a new mail is very simillar to the Dropbox plugin.

You can choose one or more files. Even from different folders!


I have extended the plugin so that you can instantly upload a received attachment to owncloud. This is very usefull for saving documents or pictures in your personal cloud. You can choose a destination diretory for your attachment, or simply create a new one.

Save attachment to owncloud

Save menu






For this plugin you need an owncloud server running version 4.5 or higher. All server and usersettings can be edited in the special owncloud settings context.

Settings category

You can enable or disable parts of the plugin so that everything fits your needs. And you have to setup the connection to your owncloud server. Therefore you have to enter the hostname, most likely a top-level domain and the path to your owncloud installation / the webdav connector. If you have installed owncloud in your webroot this would be /files/webdav.php .

Then simply enter your owncloud username and password and you will have access to all your files.


I have planned a complete integration of the owncloud web-interface to zarafa, so that the original owncloud webinterface will become unnecessary. So stay tuned for further updates!


The plugin can be downloaded from here.


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